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Privacy Policy (Handling of Personal Information)

Space Value Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) recognizes that it has an important responsibility to appropriately protect the personal information (Note 1) (hereinafter, “Personal Information”) of our customers, business partners and all others who provide information to the Company (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “Customers”). Accordingly, the Company has established the following policy for handling Personal Information and strives to protect that information.

May 1, 2021


Regarding the handling of Personal Information, the Company has implemented the following measures for Personal Information provided by Customers.

1.As the Company engages in its business activities, it collects the addresses, names, postal codes, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and other Personal Information of Customers in the following situations.

●Receiving various applications and inquiries

●Conducting questionnaire surveys

●Through occasions, such as business discussions and entering into agreements

●From real estate registries, telephone directories and other publicly available media

2.The Company uses the provided Personal Information in a lawful and fair manner within the scope necessary for the following purposes.

●To provide information related to products or services offered by the Company or our business partners

●To enter into agreements with Customers

●To respond to inquiries, requests for materials, etc. from Customers

●To conduct market research and develop new products and services

●To perform other tasks, such as the execution of duties and confirmation work related to the Company’s business

3.The provided Personal Information is managed in an appropriate and reasonable manner by the Company and business subcontractors who have entered into a confidentiality agreement with the Company (hereinafter, “Subcontractors”). The information is not disclosed to third parties other than the Subcontractors. However, the Personal Information may be disclosed without the consent of the individual in cases where the disclosure is requested by a public institution based on laws or regulations.

4.The Company strives to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, tampering, leakage, etc. of the Personal Information. In addition, the Company continuously reviews its measures, and makes necessary improvements, both on a regular basis and as needed, while complying with laws, regulations and other standards.

5.If the Company receives requests from Customers for the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, discontinuance, erasure, etc. of the data related to the Personal Information held by the Company, the Company will respond to the requests within a reasonable timeframe and scope after confirming that the requests were submitted by the Customer themselves.

However, the Company may not be able to fulfill requests from Customers in cases where such requests would seriously impact the Company’s business operations or result in a violation of laws and regulations. In addition, a fee may be charged depending on the type of request. If you wish to confirm, correct, etc. the provided Personal Information or if you believe that the Company is not complying with this basic policy, please contact us (info@nisseibuild.co.jp) through the Company’s customer center (hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday). After confirming the content of your request, the Company will respond by email and work to handle your request appropriately.

Note 1:“Personal Information” collected by the Company for business includes your name, age, birthdate, sex, address, telehone number, email address, employer and other information specific to you that can be used individually or in combination to identify you.

By clicking “Submit”, you agree to allow the Company to store and use the above Personal Information for the purpose of providing the information requested by the Customers.