Our Business

Systemized Construction business

We provide products and services to meet every need, from large system buildings to a wide range of prefabricated houses including transportable prefabricated houses, and temporary building rentals for use only when necessary.

Parking Structure business

We propose the most suitable multistory parking garage to meet our customers’ needs and other factors such as the market and surrounding environment. In addition to the design and construction of mechanical and self-propelled multistory parking garages, we provide total support for parking facility maintenance and renovation as well as operation and management.

General Construction business

We are engaged in construction and renovation construction work for apartments and commercial facilities, civil engineering work for social infrastructure development and residential land development, railroad construction work such as construction and repair of station buildings and platforms, and new construction and maintenance of railroad tracks and level crossings, mainly in the Kanto region.

Property Development business

We support the matching of land information throughout Japan with information on companies’ store openings. We provide strong support for new store openings, from land development planning, land ownership, and preliminary preparations such as various negotiations and legal procedures, to building design, construction, and operation.